About Acid Plant Management Services (APMS)

Specialists in acid plant repairs & maintenance

30 years of experience
Acid Plant Management Services (APMS) specialises in sulphuric acid plant management, shut-down execution and maintenance services.

With over thirty years experience working with industrial acid plants, our unique in house maintenance procedures and fully equipped onsite workshops minimise downtime and increase plant efficiency.

Successful track record in southern hemisphere
Our team have completed successful acid plant construction projects, continued maintenance, scheduled shut-downs and repair work across all areas of the country.

Expanding international footprint
With global capabilities, APMS is ideally placed to handle acid plant management, inspection, shut-down and repair work.

Acid Plant Management Services, based in Henderson, Perth, Western Australia.

Experienced acid plant people

Building an expert team
APMS's success is built on the professionalism and superior capabilities of their personnel.

Our specialised team combine years of industry experience, ensuring every project is completed with a commitment to expertise and attention to detail.

Personnel adhere to strict safety standards and stay up to date with cutting edge developments in OH&S.

APMS believes that their most valuable business asset is their people and they are empowered through our Human Resources Policy.

Capability for all acid plant projects
We provide personnel for short and long term projects, including:

  • Project Management
  • Work Pack Development
  • OHS Coordinators
  • Engineers
  • Superintendents
  • QAQC Specialists
  • Acid Plant specialised Coded welding and technical personnel
  • Acid Plant specialised Trades Assistants

All personnel are supplied with appropriate training including confined space and breathing apparatus. Personnel will also undertake additional training prior to arrival on site as required for individual projects or tasks.

Specialised exotic metal & ferrous fabrication facility

Superior quality metal fabrication
APMS has a specialised fabrication workshop in Western Australia. We are conveniently located near main transport routes within the Perth South metropolitan area and benefit from direct access to Fremantle and Henderson ports. Our technicians are well-equipped to perform superior quality metal fabrication.

Exotic and ferrous workshops
Our spacious fabrication area is ideal for high output, with our exotic and ferrous workshops measuring 1450m2 and 640m2 respectively. With large roller doors measuring 11 metres across and 9 metres high, our workshop is easily accessed by mobile cranes, semi trailers and trucks for loading and unloading.

Standard Terms & Conditions

APMS uses standard terms & conditions for client work.

Contact us if you'd like to discuss what APMS can do for you.