Fully Encapsulated Chemical Suits and Internal Inspection capabilities

Acid Plant Management Services

Internal Vessel, Tank and Ducting Inspection – APMS qualified personnel have the capability, qualifications and equipment to carry out inspections to your acid plant vessels, tanks and ducting including revolutionary video camera remote viewing and recording to assist in the development of repair and maintenance scope writing and planning

Australia Standard Compliance – APMS is the only company in Australia that meets all relevant Australia Standards for the use of encapsulated full BA chemical insertion and internal inspection.

Qualified Personnel – APMS has experienced personnel in the following fields:

  • Advanced Breathing apparatus
  • Encapsulated suits (non-life supporting environment)
  • Rescue
  • Pressure Vessel and Welding Inspection including International Institute of Welding (IIW), CSWIP, In-Service Inspection and API 653

Benefits for our clients as a results of the above include:

  • Reduced downtime during both planned and unplanned outages of acid plant production
  • Real time decisions can be made as a result of trained APMS personnel supplying full / live CCTV footage of all works
  • Hard disc / USB copies of all work carried out is supplied by APMS to our clients.

Video demonstration on the capabilities of our Fully Encapsulated Chemical Suits

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Fully Encapsulated Chemical Suits Onsite