Sulphuric Acid Tower Distributor Piping Change-Out

Work carried out:

This project required approximately 3’ / 950mm of ceramics to access the down comers, remove the old piping, assemble the new piping and install to MONDI™ specifications as well as installation of the new ceramic packing.

All work carried out in a non-life supporting environment in our state of the art fully encapsulated suits.

Project Achievements:

All work was completed ahead of schedule allowing our client to return their plant to operational with reduced downtime

Key Activities:

  • Encapsulated suits
  • Breathing air apparatus
  • H2S04 – Sulphuric Acid works
  • Shutdown
  • Maintenance

Australia Standard Compliance
We ensure that we meet all relevant Australian and International Standards relating to fully encapsulated suits, self-contained breathing apparatus, chemical insertions and internal inspections.