Safety Is Our Priority. As part of our commitment to upholding excellent safety standards, we perform on-going safety assessments on our onsite projects and our team are trained to assess all situations to ensure all necessary steps are taken to complete a project with no incidents or accidents. We believe in zero harm and implement this through excellent communication, Safety policy and procedures.

Dave Osman

General Manager and Project Manager

(Welding, Fabrication, Shutdowns and QA/QC Management)

Dave has over 18 years’ experience in the welding and fabrication of all materials including Titanium and exotic alloys and project management of maintenance works and shutdowns. He has qualifications as an International Welding Inspector and Supervisor with the International Institute of Welding. Dave is trained in breathing apparatus and confined space entry to compliment the inspection capabilities inside production vessels.

Marinda Loots

Project Coordinator

(Resources and Engineering)

Marinda has the responsibility of project planning, logistics, coordination, execution and administration whilst the Acid Plant teams are onsite. She organises the logistics for a team of 5-100 personnel. She has an clear understanding of the industry where safety and quality are of upmost importance within the high pressure, high risk environment in which our staff work.

Marinda has an Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering, is an experienced maintenance coordinator and has detailed knowledge of OHS and classified plant compliance requirements with the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Jamie Farley

Project Supervisor


Jamie is a trade qualified boilermaker / welder with over 18 years’ experience in workshop fabrication, mining and process plants including underground operations.

He is trained in the advance use of breathing apparatus and associated equipment and is an experienced member of our onsite technical crew for shutdown and maintenance works.

Jamie has vast experience in Sulphuric strong acid tower inspections, tank cleaning and repairs, damper and expansion joint repairs / replacements, heat exchangers, Lewis valves and acid pumps, Chemetics coolers and welding with exotic materials such as Saramet 35® and Zecor-Z.

Gary Hopwood

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Gary is responsible for Sales and Fabrication. He brings extensive management experience to the business. He has a special interest in people management and the development of long term client relationships. Gary served a heavy engineering technical apprenticeship in the UK. He gained supervisory experience at onshore and offshore construction sites in Europe and New Zealand.

In the past 25 years he has held various management positions for companies involved in Mining, Petrochemical. Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Water Treatment projects in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. He is a member of the Project Management Institute.

Shane Newing

Senior Supervisor

(Project and Technical)

With over 20 years’ experience in mining, construction and process plants, including project and repair maintenance works. Shane’s has vast knowledge of acid plant repairs and maintenance specialising in project planning, work pack development, execution of required maintenance, tower inspections, tube cleaning of heat exchangers and boilers, shutdown work. Shane is responsible for the management of all engineering trade people on site, oversees projects from planning phase to completion and always deliver a safely finished on time project.

Shane specialises in our strong acid tower inspections and repairs, heat exchanger and boiler tube cleaning and online / offline weld repairs on any vessel inside the acid plant.

Kyle Frogley

Project Superintendent

As a Project Superintendent, Kyle heads up our project crews for all site outages, major shutdowns and upgrade projects within Australia and overseas. He is responsible for the management of all engineering trades people in our onsite teams, and oversees projects so they are safely finished on time and to specifications.

Kyle has many years of project experience across the Construction, Resources, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries. He ensures that clients are kept fully informed about the requirements of the job being completed.

Australia Standard Compliance
We ensure that we meet all relevant Australian and International Standards relating to fully encapsulated suits, self-contained breathing apparatus, chemical insertions and internal inspections.