Host Engineering


Onboard Tanker from Darwin to Japan


Clean / neutralise onboard fuel storage tanks on Tanker


November / December 2019

Scope of Work:

Mobilise equipment and trained personnel to safely enter and clean / neutralise the onboard fuel storage tanks.

  • Within 48 hours’ notice, APMS mobilised 7 x Acid Specialised trained and qualified in emergency rescue, BA trained, senior first aid and confined space entry and rescue.
  • Our crew where onboard tanker from Darwin to Japan cleaning and neutralising the onboard fuel storage tanks while at sea.
  • Entry into the fuel storage tanks were performed using full breathing apparatus – initially on BA bottles, and then transferring to long lines.

Project Achievements:

  • Mobilised equipment and 7 x personnel within 48 hours
  • Project delivered on time and within budget
  • Zero safety incidents / recordable injuries
  • Industry-first for APMS to work onboard an LNG tanker
  • 2024-man hours worked onboard the fuel tanker

Australia Standard Compliance
We ensure that we meet all relevant Australian and International Standards relating to fully encapsulated suits, self-contained breathing apparatus, chemical insertions and internal inspections.